Beings: Werewolves

Love: Ménage story

Erotic: 4,5 of 5

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Sons of Rockwood

Aurora is finally allowed to transform in front of the watchful eyes of the other werewolves. When her sister has to help her, Annabelle breaks all the rules.
Annabelle's only chance to save her family's name is to join the Rockwood pack.
Everything would be much easier.
If Annabelle wouldn't have these strong feelings for Shane and Damian.

Love: Queer Women Story

Erotic: 5 of 5

Love me

Savannah is trying to start a new life on the west coast of the USA.
Unfortunately, her dream city turns out to be a dirt road full of potholes.
In one of these potholes, she meets Tia.
Together, the two women not only experience sizzling times together.
Much more, they have to prove themselves between hostility and an audience.
When Ari also shows up, the chaos is complete.

Beings: Vampires, Werewolves, Witches

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Erotic: 4 of 5

Book 1 of 2

City of Blood

The hunt for a missing girl leads Elizabeth Montgomery to Sunset.There is a morbidity here, a gloom that makes any friend of the dark smile. Elizabeth tries to ignore this temptation of another life. So in the middle of the 21st century she struggles with titles of nobility, balls and the mystery of the city.Then, when a part of her past becomes her fate, her resolve wavers.Is she maybe already a part of this supernatural world?Only one would answer her question.But when he stands in front of her, she no longer thinks about her question, but only about him and what his bite triggers in her